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Social Skills Toolkit to Empower Positive Behavior – Middle School

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Are you or your staff tired of devoting countless hours to managing student behaviors? Then you need the Social Skills Toolkit. The Social Skills Toolkit addresses the need for students to learn appropriate social behaviors without requiring teachers to create new lessons and materials. The ready-to-use modules are designed so once taught, teachers can seamlessly weave the cues and skills into daily instruction. 

Created with input from educators around the country, the Social Skills Toolkit focuses on 8 key skills students need to succeed.

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The Social Skills Toolkit contains the tools you need to empower positive behavior.

Based on 8 key social skills(Listening & Cooperating, Managing Emotions, Following Directions, Getting a "NO" when you want a "YES", Engaging Positively with Peers, Personal Space, Digital Citizenship, and Asking for Help), the toolkit allows you to address each skill weekly or focus on a specific skill that may need extra help.

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