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Everyday Awe Challenge

by | Jan 12, 2022 | News | 0 comments

This February, we are hosting an Everyday Awe Challenge and we’d love you to participate!

The premise is simple: over the 28 days of February, we want participants to look for small moments of awe in their everyday lives, and share those on social media. Additionally, the Thriving YOUniversity Team will also share moments of awe.

Why awe?

Research shows that “experiences of awe bring people into the present moment, and being in the present moment underlies awe’s capacity to adjust time perception, influence decisions, and make life feel more satisfying than it would otherwise” (Rudd et al., 2012).

Oftentimes, we think of moments of awe as big, life-changing moments, but if we slow down and really look for awe, we can find it in everyday life. Mindfully looking for everyday moments of awe–like a sunrise/sunset, a flower growing in the crack of the sidewalk, or a random act of kindness– helps us to feel a greater sense of gratitude and joy in our lives.

At first, it may feel difficult, but we think you’ll find that the more you look for small moments of awe, the more you’ll start to see. We hope that by the end of the 28 days, you’ll be in the habit of seeing awe all around you.

The Everyday Awe Challenge 

For the 28 days of February,  focus on finding those small moments of awe in your everyday life. Each day in we encourage you to:

  1. Look around for everyday awe– you may find this in nature, at work, in your home… almost anywhere!
  2. When you find that awe-inspiring moment, snap a picture of it!
  3. Share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag @ThrivingYOUniversity and use the hashtag #EverydayAweChallenge
  4. Start reaping the benefits of everyday awe!

We can’t wait to see your Awe-some pics!

Join Challenge

Rudd, M., Vohs, K. D., & Aaker, J. (2012). Awe expands people’s perception of time, alters decision-making, and enhances well-being. Psychological Science, 23(10), 1130–1136. https://doi.org/10.1177/0956797612438731

Finding Awe in The Ordinary

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