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Courses and Coaching

Experience the magic in every moment as you become the best possible version of yourself.

The time is NOW to start living IN purpose and ON purpose and becoming the best possible version of yourself! Through transformational workshops and/or powerful individual and group coaching sessions, we will work together to reach your highest potential for flourishing in your personal and professional life.

Becoming Better Humans

Individual and Group Empowerment Coaching

When we work to transform ourselves, we are better able to serve others and positively transform the world around us as well. We all deserve to live a full, fun, and flourishing life.

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Becoming Better Educators

*In-Person and On-Line Professional Learning Courses & Workshops

Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning (S.E.A.L.) is foundational for the ABCs– ACADEMIC Performance, Positive BEHAVIOR, and School CLIMATE & CULTURE. Dr. Joelle Hood researches, designs, and facilitates professional learning experiences for educators that are highly engaging, interactive, and transformational for staff and the students they serve.

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Becoming Better Leaders

In-Person and On-line Individual and Group Coaching and Professional Learning Courses and Workshops

It’s important to have cognitive intelligence as a leader, but it’s even more imperative to be able to build strong supportive relationships, respond rather than react, improve leadership focus, reduce stress and boost well-being for yourself and the people in your organization, create a space for innovative thinking, persist in the face of difficulty, and lead with authenticity in a way that inspires and motivates others. LeaderSHIFT happens when leaders have the capacity to cultivate a positive climate that supports creativity, autonomy, innovation, and the ability to strengthen employee engagement, morale, and performance.

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Becoming Better Organizations

Professional- Group Coaching/Team-building/Speaking

If organizations want to thrive and retain quality employees, then they have to intentionally and purposefully work on cultivating a culture in the workplace that employees don’t want to leave. Humans are social animals—we want to feel connected, challenged, and competent.

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